Sunday was a perfect fall day in the Pacific Northwest. The skies were clear and everything looked more alive following a few days of heavy rain. We were fortunate to find ourselves at IslandWood on a mushroom tour. Mushrooms tend to emerge after a rain so the timing was just perfect. It was a great reminder of the need to simplify and live. For an hour we walked the beautiful trails and scoured the ground for mushrooms. Every day we pass the same fungi we found there, but this experience forced our family to slow down and appreciate the diversity around us. Before Mushroom Mania (isn’t that a fun name?) I basically ignored the mushrooms growing around us unless it was to kick them out of the way and watch them disintegrate under my shoe, but on Monday we did something different. On Monday we bundled up, put on our rain boots, grabbed some baskets, and in the fading light of evening walked out into the forrest and discovered that our own backyard was full of mushroom treasures.



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