Cold and Flu Season Tea: Mix and Match

I have really enjoyed the process of making my own tea to both deal with symptoms of colds and prevent future colds. By mixing and matching the following ingredients I am able to create a perfect tea for whatever the cold season brings! Just add your ingredients of choice to a small saucepan and simmer.I prefer to add certain ingredients such as the vanilla and honey at the end. Strain into a mug and enjoy!

A note about honey: Honey loses many of its medicinal benefits at 104F.


Ginger  Anti-inflammatory/Boosts immunity/Loosens congestion
Honey  Boosts immunity/ Loosens congestion
Bay Leaves  Boosts immunity
Onion  Boosts immunity
Lemon Boosts immunity/ Loosens congestion
Vanilla  Anti-inflammatory/Boosts immunity
Cinnamon Boosts immunity
Apple Cider Vinegar  Boosts immunity/ Loosens congestion

Each ingredient is linked to an external site that provides additional information on each ingredient. I am still working on learning more about the benefits of each ingredient and will update each link as I find sites that provide better, well researched information.


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