Animal Home Scavenger Hunt

This past weekend I needed to get the kids outside, but was having difficulty motivating them. The rainy winters of the Pacific Northwest have the tendency of creating homebodies. Looking out my window I noticed a hole in the ground and called the kids over to show them and brainstorm what animal might live inside. What followed was a wonderful hour adventure outside searching for animal homes.

Animal Home Scavenger Hunt

What You Need

  1. Access to the outdoors or a window
  2. Helpful, but not necessary: A camera, a list of types of animal homes, a sketch book and pencil.

What To Do

  1. Before venturing outside create a list of types of animal homes: web, hive, hill, nest, hole, burrow, cave, etc.
  2. Go outside and try and find as many animal homes as possible. You may sketch the animal homes or take pictures of them.

See below for pictures of our animal home scavenger hunt. We had a bit of an Amelia Bedelia moment where my daughter heard, “X out the homes” instead of “Sketch out the homes”.


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