Rainy Day Activities

This past weekend was filled with rain, rain, rain. The kids were getting on each other’s last nerve and a big blow up was coming our way. Most days we just get out in it, but that was not possible this weekend. I used this opportunity to come up with a list of activities to keep on file for the future. All activities require only what you probably already have in your house. I must note that a few activities are “screen time” activities, but they do require movement on the child’s part. Once I started brainstorming I realized the options were endless. I will do a Part II later on so as not to overwhelm.

Clean the Grout/Chores

Yep! Put them to work. My favorite is to hand them a few old tooth brushes, a cup of baking soda, a spray bottle of vinegar and tell them to SCRUB. An invitiation to clean! Any other chores to do around the house? Show them the list of the activities below and tell them you will set up the activities of their choice if they first complete all the items on your chore list.

 Obstacle Course

Clear a room, turn over some chairs, pull off the couch cushions and make an amazing obstacle course. Couch cushions leaning against a couch make for a great tunnel.

Wall Stand Competitions

Find a wall in a carpeted area (no owies, please), put your hands on the floor and walk up the wall with your feet.  Challenge the kids to see who can stay up the longest.

Build a Reading Fort

The best (and easiest) way to build a fort is to throw a blanket over the dining room table. If you do not have a big enough table, turn your couch around and place two chairs opposite the back and throw a blanket over that. Add some pillows and a bunch of books and you have your very own rainy day reading fort!


Jim Gill Sing and Dance Along

One day I would love to take the kids to see Jim Gill, but until then we love his YouTube videos. They require the kids to listen, act silly and sing. A few of his songs introduce children to classical music and the instruments at the symphony

Color a Mural

Take a large piece of paper (or tape a bunch of small pieces together; these can be used on one side). Use a pencil to divide it up into cool shapes, get out the box of crayons, assign each child a section and go to town!

Animal Charades

Cut out some cards and work with the kids to brainstorm animals. The older kids can write the animal name on the card or draw a picture of the animal. Put the cards in the basket and take turns drawing the cards and acting out the animal on the card while the others guess.

Road Race

This one will require some colored tape (painter’s tape works great) and small toy cars. If you don’t have toy cars around, not to worry, the kids can be the cars. Tear up the tape to make road marks and create a course to follow around the house. Have the kids use paper and crayons to make stop signs, cross walk signs, speed limit signs, etc. Talk about the “Rules of the Road” and then watch them have fun. Check out the Drive In Movie Night activity below for a box car idea.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

The kids are worn out now. Good job! However, the lack of outdoor time means they still can’t quite settle down. My kids adore Cosmic Kid’s Yoga videos; they are free on YouTube and range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. The yoga instructor leads the children through a yoga inspired movement story focused around a theme such as a lost mermaid or Harry Potter.

Drive In Movie Night

Have a few boxes lying around? Work during the day to turn them into cars to be used for your family movie night, drive in style! These box cars can also be used for the Road Race activity above. Check out this link for a great example.

Check out TheCleansedLife pinterest board here for more ideas.


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